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Sonic-Transmission, Double Solo Exhibition - The bird sings, for it has a song (2021)
presented by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong


Unconstrained Tone :G4 Summit

2-channel fixed media, audiovisual, commissioned by soundpocket HK (2020)

G4 Summit | Annisa Cheung Ching-yu, Hui Tsz-ho, Don Tsang Yuk-hei
《四方會談》| 張靜瑜、許梓昊、曾旭熙

The 2020 Group of Four Summit, commonly known as the G4 Summit, was a __minute summit meeting between Cheung, Hui, Tsang and ________, held at _____________ on October 10, 2020. This is the second meeting between the four parties, following their last meeting during the rehearsal yesterday. During the unofficial meeting, _______________________, caused ____________ in _______. Despite the fact that the Summit ended in a cordial atmosphere, the _________ announced that no agreement was reached.

二零二零年__四方會談(英語:2020_________G4 Summit),由張氏、許氏、曾氏和_氏於二零二零年十月十日在____會面。這是四方繼昨天排練後再次舉行會談。是次非正式會談旨在____。期間,____________對________。____也在___期間 ______導致______________。儘管這次的會談在友好的氣氛下舉行,然而因未能達成共識,最終談判__。

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Condensed Serenity

2-channel fixed media, audiovisual (2019)

I seek calmness from the oceans. This piece attempts to connect the coast lines of the two cities through tracing similarities of the soundscapes. After almost a year studying in the conservatoire, I am unable to get used the unfamiliar streets still. The waters helped me establish a sense of intimacy with my home afar.

Lee Kam Wah

multimedia theatre (2018)

It is never difficult to amuse oneself in the city. But when all the excessive amusement become unamusing, is it possible we resolve to solitude and search within ourselves for what is truly satisfying?

Lee Kam Wah is multimedia piece involving only video, set installation and electronic music with no live performers on stage. It include 2 pieces, namely, Time Lapse of the Air and 10-minute Public Privatization.The 2 pieces are to be play simultaneously in a confined space where audience are guided through the 20 minutes loop.

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Are You Thinking What I am Thinking 2.0

music and dance, for Imagination Boom 3, E-side Dance Company (2016)

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