Unconstrained Tone :G4 Summit

2-channel fixed media, audiovisual, commissioned by soundpocket HK (2020)

G4 Summit | Annisa Cheung Ching-yu, Hui Tsz-ho, Don Tsang Yuk-hei
《四方會談》| 張靜瑜、許梓昊、曾旭熙

The 2020 Group of Four Summit, commonly known as the G4 Summit, was a __minute summit meeting between Cheung, Hui, Tsang and ________, held at _____________ on October 10, 2020. This is the second meeting between the four parties, following their last meeting during the rehearsal yesterday. During the unofficial meeting, _______________________, caused ____________ in _______. Despite the fact that the Summit ended in a cordial atmosphere, the _________ announced that no agreement was reached.

二零二零年__四方會談(英語:2020_________G4 Summit),由張氏、許氏、曾氏和_氏於二零二零年十月十日在____會面。這是四方繼昨天排練後再次舉行會談。是次非正式會談旨在____。期間,____________對________。____也在___期間 ______導致______________。儘管這次的會談在友好的氣氛下舉行,然而因未能達成共識,最終談判__。

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